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Air Pollution Control

IIC performs Air Pollution Control projects in all of the major market sectors. We have experience with all types of bag filters, ESP's, and nuisance dust and fume collection.
Air Pollution Control Projects
Electric Arc Furnace De-Dusting Project; Roanoke, VA

Description: Meltshop de-dusting upgrade that included new bag house and duct replacement. Replaced the E.A.F canopy and D.E.C. Duct in the melt shop.


  • Roanoke, VA

Scope: civil/foundation installation, steel erection, crane support, mechanical equipment installation, piping and duct construction.

 Baghouse Installations

Description: Irondale provided Turn-Key services on several emissions control upgrades projects installing new and improved air pollution control systems. Projects ranged in industry from steel/foundry, cement, lime, pulp and paper, and power generation.

Chlorine Bypass Baghouse Installation; Sugar Creek, MO

Description: IIC installed a new auxiliary baghouse that tied into the kiln feed hood. Duct modifications and air cannon additions were made.


  • Sugar Creek, MO

Scope: Concrete foundation installation, Rock anchor installation, Steel erection, Crane support, Mechanical Equipment Installation, Piping construction.

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