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Client Benefits

Irondale is an employee-owned merit shop company with the abilities of a large general contractor. Our full service offerings and our supplier, client, and subcontractor relations make us a valuable asset for any project. These skills and relations mixed with our proven safety record provides several benefits to clients on any project of any size.

- Self Sufficient

- Knowledge

- Efficiency

- Quality

- Reliability

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Over the years Irondale has grown into a full-service engineer, procurement, and construction company. Our project services range from small plant or maintenance projects to complete plant services as the overall General Contractor. IIC has also developed partnerships with leading equipment suppliers, steel fabricators, insulators, electrical contractors, and others to be completely self-sufficient and deliver a complete project. Streamlining the execution process of the project by being able to self perform critical work is a benefit not only to Irondale, but to the Owner because it saves time, money, and resources to manage the project.

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