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Wood Pellets

Irondale leads the way supporting the production of renewable fuels by providing services to many of the most modern wood pellet plants in the US. These services include engineering, concrete and foundations, steel supply and erection, equipment installation, piping, as well as check-out and start-up services.
Wood Pellet Projects
Irondale provides the following types of construction services for Wood Pellet Plants and the associated equipment.
Services - Self Performed:
  • Engineering
  • Concrete and Foundations
  • Steel Supply and Erection
  • Equipment Installation
  • Piping and Tubing
Equipment Installed:
  • Complete Dryer Islands
    • Dryers
    • Furnaces
    • Fuel delivery systems
    • Cyclones, ducts, and fans
  • Pollution Control Systems - WESP's, RTO's, etc.
  • Hammermills and Pellet Mills
  • Woodyards - including stackers, truck tippers, conveyors, bins/silos, etc.
  • Others (subcontracted): electrical, insulation, refractory, etc.
Project Experience:
Irondale has provided construction services for the following Wood Pellet Plants
  • Enviva Biomass, Greenwood, South Carolina
  • Drax Biomass, Bastrop, Louisiana
  • Enviva Biomass, Lucedale, Mississippi
  • Enviva Biomass, Hamlet, North Carolina
  • Hazlehurst Wood Pellets (Fram), Hazlehurst, Georgia
  • Enviva Biomass, Franklin, Virginia
  • Enviva Biomass, Garysburg, North Carolina
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