Irondale Company Values


At Irondale, we pride ourselves on our successes. Starting out as a small merit-shop company in 1990 serving the steel industry, Irondale has grown into a national company providing key services on projects with a total investment over $1billion. Some people ask where this success comes from? How did it happen? The short answer is hard work and dedication to the industries served, but there is a lot more that goes into it than that. Listed below are several of the values/traits that Irondale holds near and dear to our hearts as the driving force behind being and remaining successful in the construction industry.



Irondale's employees are the most valuable asset we have. Without our team of experienced craftsmen, supervisors, and safety professionals, Irondale would not be where it is today. With that, it is Irondale's corporate value to maintain a safe work atmosphere with a conscientious safety team providing the proper training, equipment, tools, and knowledge to ensure all employees get back home to their families at the end of the day.




Quality is everyone's goal, but at Irondale, as a smaller, more efficient company, it is our philosophy. Our success comes from being able to complete the highest quality, most efficient work in the shortest amount of time. We strive to get the job done to the highest standard the first time and on time every time so the client can meet their deadlines and move the project forward.



At the end of the day, Irondale wants to be valued by our integrity and professionalism as a company. Our professionalism is fueled by the qualities and traits listed here and our integrity is our ability to deliver on those each and every time. Integrity builds trust and we have been trusted by companies for over 30 years to complete their projects. 

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Diversity at Irondale is a two-faced term.


On one hand it is the cultural diversity that we at Irondale embrace. Ideas and skills can come from anywhere, so why not embrace that and have a diverse team of well equipped, well trained team members? At Irondale we feel that is a strength, we want those who are going to work and embrace the challenges ahead to get the best results.

On the other hand is project diversity; in the 30+ years Irondale has been serving the industry, there is very little we haven't seen. No two projects are the same even if the scope is. Facing those challenges and learning from them, makes the team and the craftsmen stronger for the next one. We also accept a new challenge, and are able to apply our experiences to make it successful for the client and Irondale.



Irondale's supervisors and craftsmen are highly skilled, highly trained, and highly experienced in their field. Many of our team members have worked with Irondale for over 10 years and some since the company was founded. This combination leads to a leadership team and crew that is knowledgeable in their job creating a cohesive team that knows what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, and how it needs to be done.




Many people believe the old adage, "Practice Makes Perfect." At Irondale, we like to follow the adage, "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect" Meaning, just because you have 30 years' experience doing something, if you've been doing incorrectly for 30 years, it is still incorrect. Our skill comes from years and years of doing things the right way and always adapting and learning new skills and learning from mistakes to make for better projects in the future



When an Owner signs a contract with a company to complete a project, whether $50,000, or $50 million, they want assurance that the job is going to be accomplished at the agreed price, schedule, and quality. Irondale prides itself in that no matter the value of the contract, Irondale is there to complete the job as expected by the Owner each and every time.




Construction is commonly considered as one of the more demanding professions having to deal with tight deadlines, demanding budgets, and the vast array of climates and conditions the work has to be done in. all while maintaining quality and safety. Irondale embraces those challenges, but demands a bit more. We expect a consistent product every time no matter the conditions, hot/cold, wet/dry, dark/light. 

Attention to Detail


Industrial projects are important and critical undertakings for the Owner to get the best return on investment as possible; at Irondale we understand that and we believe that it is our duty to focus on the little things to ensure the project is an overwhelming success. Ensuring all construction is handled to the highest standard prevents excessive maintenance and unnecessary downtime later.

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Often times people refer to sports as a game of inches in reference to how close things can be at times and how the slightest "inch" could change the outcome. However, in construction it is more a game of millimeters in height, width, and length. If you're off by an inch you can mess up the whole project further on down the line. That is why, to Irondale, precision is key. Anchor Bolts need to be placed precisely for the steel and equipment to meet tolerance, a kiln has to be perfectly aligned to eliminate excessive wear and maintenance. From maintenance projects to large capital projects, precision is critical in the work Irondale delivers to the Owner.



Over the years Irondale has grown into a full-service engineer, procurement, and construction company. Our project services ranges from small plant or maintenance projects to complete plant services as the overall General Contractor. IIC has also developed partnerships with leading equipment suppliers, steel fabricators, insulators, electrical contractors, and others to be completely self-sufficient and deliver a complete project. Streamlining the execution process of the project by being able to self perform critical work is a benefit not only to Irondale, but to the Owner because it saves time, money, and resources to manage the project.